4 Hard-Working Trucks

Hard-Working Trucks

From the time you’re a child, you’re fascinated with trucks. You pass one on the highway and you wonder how does it work? Trucks work hard and here’s how 4 of them get the job done.

1. Milk Tankers: The driver of a milk truck does more than just transport the product. Milk tanker drivers are also accredited milk graders. They determine the quality of the raw milk before it goes on their truck. A sample of the raw milk is graded for temperature, sight and smell before that tanker is filled. Milk is picked up every 24 to 48 hours from dairy farms. And, if you’ve wondered, those milk tankers are not refrigerated. Instead they have special stainless bodies that are very well insulated to keep the milk cold between the farm and processing facility.

2. Cement Trucks: You know that cement gets hard so it’s the job of the truck to keep that from happening until it’s been poured to make that sidewalk or foundation or patio. The drum mixer can be run by the truck’s engine or it may have its own separate “slave engine”. The mixer is a spiral blade which rotates in one direction to keep pushing the concrete to the bottom of the drum, mixing it and moving it so it can’t get hard. When it arrives at the jobsite, the blade reverses to pour the concrete through the drum opening and out of the truck.

3. Mobile Shredder: You may not recognize this big truck if it weren’t for the writing of a shredding company on the side. With government regulations controlling how documents are destroyed across many businesses and uses, this truck makes sure your confidential information – like your credit card number or health record – remains private. These trucks carry an industrial paper shredder in one area and another area holds the shredded paper. These trucks can shred up to 8000 pounds of paper in an hour and have a storage capacity of up to 15,000 pounds. The business owner is given locked bins to secure material waiting to be shredded and, then, when the scheduled time arrives, watch the documents be securely shredded to the correct government standard. When the paper leaves, it’s shredded, mixed with the paper from other companies and completely destroyed.

4. Vacuum Trucks: These trucks may make you go yuck when you pass one on the highway because their sign tells you that they just sucked up sanitary waste. They’re used to empty septic tanks, cesspits, pit latrines and communal latrines. There are even vacuum trucks to empty waste from airplane toilets. But, that’s not their only function. They are used to clean storage tanks and spills for the petroleum industry. They can remove drilling mud, drilling cuttings and more from petroleum production tanks. They are even used to expose underground utilities. A jet of water makes a muddy mess and the vacuum truck sucks it up to expose the utilities without the damage that can be caused by a backhoe.

If you have a need for any of these trucks, make sure you hire experts. These trucks do a great job but you have to rely on the people who run them.If you need your septic tank emptied, you want it done right. If you’re using a shredder truck, you want a on-site paper shredding company that meets the highest industry standards with vetted employees. Then, you can relax and watch that big truck go to work.