5 Reasons to Choose a NAID Certified Destruction Firm

NAID Certified

When you need to meet the regulations of FACTA or HIPAA – when you need your employees to work on important things instead of operating a shredder, it’s time to get help. Here are 5 reasons to make sure the firm you choose to take over your document destruction is NAID certified.

1. What NAID Certification Means. NAID is the National Association for Information Destruction. They set the high standards for the industry. Developed by information security pros, it is recognized by governmental and private organizations around the world.

2. What Is Certified? You can relax. NAID auditors verify every step of the document or information process. They make sure that the handling, transporting, storing, destroying and disposing of all materials meets the necessary standards. They even make sure that any person handling data has a three-level background screening process. Then, they back it all up with unannounced audits to make sure that all processes are in place and being followed.

3. Knowing FACTA. FACTA is the Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act. Your NAID certified document destruction company knows all the rules. FACTA requires shredding and/or destruction of all consumer information before it can be discarded. Compliance must be monitored.

4. HIPAA Destruction Requirements. There are technical, administrative and physical safeguards required by HIPPA security rules. If these requirements are not met, civil penalties may be levied. A NAID information destruction company understand and can meet all the necessary requirements.

5. What Your Document Destruction Company Will Do. They will make sure that every document is shredded, incinerated or pulped so that the hard copies cannot be reconstructed. Storage containers for documents waiting to be destroyed must be secured and locked. If you are asking a company to destroy information on electronic media such as hard drives, the data must be unrecoverable and the media may need to be physically destroyed. Hire a company who can do it all.

Add an extra level of confidence and make your shredding needs worry-free but hiring an on-site document destruction company. They’ll provide the locked containers you need, set up a shredding schedule according to your needs and, then, they’ll come in a big truck that has a commercial shredder. You can watch your sensitive documents be destroyed and know that when they leave your premises, they are already shredded to the correct standards. You can relax.