Are You Shredding Business Documents to the Right Standard? 4 Things to Know

Shredding Business Documents

Are you complying with the law when it comes to shredding? There are different shred sizes and regulations that certain businesses must follow. Here are 4 things to know before you hire a document destruction company.

1. Look For NAID-Certified Services. The National Association for Information Destruction (NAID) is a non-profit that certifies companies that provide document and private information destruction. It tells you that they understand the provisions of HIPPA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act), FACTA (Fair and Accurate Credit Transaction Act), GLAB (Gramma-Leach-Bliley Act) and GSA (General Services Administration). These companies have the shredding equipment and are trained to comply with all regulations. Note that some industries are required to use NAID-certified paper shredding services.

2. Shred Size And Process Makes A Difference. There are six sizes to choose from when you shred and some laws actually regulate the size of the shred your business must use. Level 1 is the common home shredder that does a strip-cut shred. The smallest level turns documents into something like powder. For on-site shredding, there are two types of trucks. One is “pierce and tear” and the other is a hammer mill. Hammer mill is the most secure as it tears up paper until it can fit through a screen.

3. Security Prior To Shredding. Documents such as FACTA information must be secured prior to destruction. When it comes to very sensitive documents, they should not be seen; they should not be “held”. They need to be kept securely at all times. The easiest answer to this is locked collection bins that keep them safe until they are destroyed. The bins are emptied directly into a shredder so no one sees or touches the documents.

4. You May Need A Certificate. In some cases, you must retain a certificate of destruction after shredding. This is your proof that you followed the prescribed laws of document destruction. Every NAID-certified document destruction company will be able to provide this document. You should keep it on file in case of an audit of your processes.

Companies are choosing on-site document destruction from NAID-certified shredding companies to meet the stringent requirements. On-site shredding companies will provide you with the safe, locked bins you need, empty those bins directly into the shredder in their truck and let you watch while they are destroyed. You know they are completely destroyed to the needed standard before they leave your premises. Another advantage is that shedding trucks mix thousands of pounds of shredded paper together making the process even more secure. If you handle sensitive documents, call a NAID-certified on-site shredding company in your area. They will offer you worry-free document destruction.