5 Benefits You’ll Get with Your New Windows

New Windows

You knew you needed new windows and you replaced them. Or, you know you need them but are uncertain about the expense. Here are 5 benefits you’re getting – or will get – from replacing old windows with energy efficient windows.

1. Payback! Will your windows pay for themselves? The answer is yes over a period of time they will. How fast you get that payback depends on two things – the climate of where you live and the condition of your old windows. If you had single pane windows in frames that were leaking air and you live in a very cold or very hot climate, your windows will pay for themselves and start paying you more quickly as your energy bills will decline more. But, even if the payback is slower, you’ve made a good investment

2. Resale Value. In many neighborhoods a potential buyer can drive down the street and know if windows have been replaced just by looking. New windows are a sign that they are going to save on their utility bills, but, more, it’s a sign that the homeowner has cared enough about the home to upgrade it and take care of it. It’s a confidence builder for a buyer. Plus, you can typically add all or most of the cost of replacing the windows to the selling price.

3. Your Comfort. Really, is there a better payback? New windows will not only make your home easier to heat and cool; they will make it quieter. You may be amazed at the difference. Plus, they’ll do a better job of keeping out dust and dirt. If your family has improved air quality, a more constantly comfortable temperature and a quieter, cleaner home, that’s a really good deal.

4. Protection For Your Things. New Low-E windows will not only help keep your home comfortable with less energy expended – they will help protect your furniture, your artwork and your fabrics from fading. It’s another good deal.

5. Help For Mother Nature. You reduce the amount of energy that is needed to keep your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter. That means your home is using fewer natural resources. You are reducing the amount of pollution that is created when energy is generated along with saving those valuable resources. Think of new windows as going green-er.

Very simply, replacing old single-pane or worn-out windows with today’s energy efficient windows is one of the best ways to improve your life and your home! Be sure to work with a licensed window replacement company so you get the quality windows and the quality installation that will give you the payback you want in both dollars and comfort!