6 Summer Makeup Tips to Help You Look Your Best

Summer Makeup Tips

It’s summertime and you have a very important meeting at work – or maybe it’s date night or, even, first date night. It’s simple you don’t want to look like you’ve lost your cool. Here are 6 summer makeup tips to help you keep your glow.

1. Be Prepared – your face that is! Wash with something gentle. Harsher washing (think anything that is super soapy) will cause your face to produce more oil during the day. That’s the last thing you need when you’re trying to look fresh. So wash gently and switch to a good, but light, moisturizer.

2. Skip The Liquid Foundation. It’s heavy and it may run. Switch to a powder foundation. It will look more natural in the heat. If you must use liquid foundation, use it sparingly to even out your skintone.

3. Get That Summer Glow. Even if you haven’t been out in the sun, you do want that summer glow. Two hints here use a bronzer – but, make it a mineral bronzer. Mineral powders help condition and moisturize the skin and they give you that extra summer glow. Makeup professionals recommend them even if you are going to tan. The minerals give your face the vitamins they need.

4. Powder Has Power. When it comes to eyeliner and eyeshadow, they last thing you want is smudges. That leaves you with two options. First, use powder. It is less likely to run or smudge. If you can’t give up your favorite eyeshadow and eyeliner, use a primer that will help keep it from fading and running.

5. Go Light. Light eyeshadows – vanilla or gold is good – that more closely match your skin tone will give you good color without looking too made-up. You want that fresh, summery look. The same thing is true for your lip color. Think about using a tinted lip balm that can give you moisture and sun protection – plus a nice light look!

6. Hair. It’s not something that requires makeup, but it may require a new look for the summer. Forget heat styling; the humidity is going to defeat it. Instead try a good flatiron and a very light shine serum. Go as natural as possible. Too much smoothing products are going to turn your hair oily and limp. Cut back on styling products and let the natural you take over. Remember, a look looking ponytail can even go to the office.

If you need more than makeup to get that summer glow on or help to fit into those summer fashions, visit a medical spa. You’re going to find it all – medical-grade help so you can take off a few extra pounds quickly or to finally help you meet your weight loss goal. Most of all, you’ll find wonderful treatments for your skin from peels to laser treatments that can smooth fine lines, even your skin tone and give you that summertime glow. If you’ve never been to a medical spa, ask for a consultation. You’ll be amazed at the range of services they have to help you look your best!