3 Design Factors to Give Your Home a Great Exterior

Give Your Home a Great Exterior

There are “rules” for design that will help you create a great look for your home’s exterior. If you want to give your home a facelift, consider these 3 design factors as you upgrade your homes appearance.

1. Color That Works. Some homes draw you in with their beautiful exterior colors – others make you wonder “what were they thinking?”. Color can trick the eye to hide flaws – or, if used incorrectly, it can draw attention to a flaw. A fresh white paint job on a front porch can make your home inviting and cozy. If your home looks tall and lanky and lacks appeal, “shorten” it with a darker color on the top of home and a lighter color on the bottom. But, worried about how to pick a color? One safe – and beautiful – way to get a great combination is to use a paint color strip. Pick three colors that are a few shades apart. Now, you can use the lightest color as the dominant color of your home and accent it with the darker color or vice versa. Use that third color – which should be bolder – to give “pops” on interest by using it to highlight your front door or accent another feature of your home.

2. Choose Windows Wisely. They say your eyes are the windows to your soul. Windows look into the soul of your home – make them count. If you have a modern home, you may want to turn some of those old windows that were “sectioned” to open and close with a dramatic picture window with a single pane of glass. If your home is more traditional, you might find a way to use decorative glass windows to enhance the way your home looks. For example, a Craftsman-inspired design could be used on the side light windows that frame your front door. Looks count when you’re trying to up the appeal of your home, but quality counts even more. You want durable, energy-efficient windows!

3. Landscape! It’s more than planting a shrub or a tree. It’s designing a landscape that leads your family and visitors to your door. Think about edging areas with pretty rock or blocks. Create an actual path with pavers – or use them to define an area with a pretty fountain. Be patient. Remember that plants take time to grow and fill-in. If you’re worried about your water bill, use native plants. Afraid to do it on your own? A nursery may give you enough ideas to get you started.

Giving your home a better exterior is a delightful project. It will welcome every time you return home. It will make you proud. If you’re uncertain, turn to the pros. You’ll want a licensed window installer to install any new windows. That’s a must. They’ll make sure you get the energy-efficient windows you want and to advise you on what will work with your home’s style. Professional painters and landscapers can also become your partners in creating a new look for the exterior of your home. So, break out those home decorating magazines and start collecting ideas!