Losing Weight Is Hard and Getting Harder-5 Possible Reasons Why

Losing Weight Is Hard and Getting Harder

According to a study done by York University, it’s harder than ever to lose weight. The study says weight loss is more than energy in and energy out. Comparing people with the same diets in 1971 and 2008, the 2008 group was 10% heavier even with the same diet. Why? Here are 5 possible reasons.

1. Less Sleep. Today’s habits and lifestyles may be part of the reason that we are heavier. Research has shown time and time again that being sleep deprived leads to weight gain. A 2013 Gallop poll showed that 40% of Americans sleep less than 7 hours each night.

2. More Stress. Again, stress leads to stress eating which leads to weight gain. Unfortunately, Americans have become more stressed. According to a Carnegie Melon survey from 2012, over the last 25 years, stress in Americans had risen by about 20%.

3. Chemicals. Another theory is that our exposure to chemicals that affect the endocrine and metabolic processes may be changing the way our body handles food and stores fast. There pesticides and substances are known as persistent organic pollutants which may be part of the weight-gain picture.

4. Medicines. Spending on prescriptions drugs has doubled between 1999 and 2008 and, among adults, antidepressants are very commonly used. Yet many studies link antidepressants to weight gain. Other drugs – such as steroids and pain medications – can also cause weight gain.

5. Our Own Bacteria. Think of yourself as not just human, but as your very own ecosystem. There are colonies of organisms called microbiomes that help keep us healthy. Our diets have changed. For example, today Americans eat about 20 more pounds of meat than they did 30 years ago. Americans are also using more artificial sweeteners which can affect those bacteria. Our “new” microbiomes may be playing a role in making it harder to lose weight.

Science is trying to figure out why we’re not only heavier but we’re having a harder time to lose weight. If you need to lose weight, maybe it’s time to put science on your side with the help of a medical weight loss center. You’ll get medical-grade pills and shots to help you win the battle and a plan that not only includes a quick weight loss to get you started and a steady plan to reach your goal, but also a way to maintain that weight loss. Medical weight loss centers will give you a consultation based on your lifestyle and the help to make it work.