What to Wear to Bed? 7 Choices Defined!

What to Wear to Bed

What’s your bedtime outfit? An old t-shirt? A beautiful negligee? Is what you wear helping you sleep? Here are 7 choices and their pros or cons.

1. Cotton. It’s soft. It’s lightweight. It breathes. It’s easy to find and not too expensive. It usually doesn’t irritate the skin. Those are all pros. However, cotton is not a good insulator and may leave you cold if you don’t have the proper blankets. If you have night sweats, it doesn’t wick away the moisture and you may want to choose something else.

2. Silk: You may be thinking beautiful and sensual, but think thermoregulatory, too. Silk can help keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. And, it IS beautiful and sensual. So, what’s the down side? Well, it’s slippery and may move around as you toss or turn in your sleep. Plus, it needs care. Some silk needs to be dry cleaned or hand washed so check that label before you buy.

3. Flannel: Need to be toasty? For that cold, cold winter night you may want to slip into some flannel PJ’s. This fabric is soft and it will breathe so you can stay warm without overheating. The only disadvantage is that it can pill and that could make it uncomfortable so follow the care label.

4. Moisture-wicking. If you sleep hot or have night sweats look for nightwear that has moisture-wicking properties to help keep your skin dry and keep you comfortable instead of warm and clammy. The moisture-wicking property will help your body regulate your temperature.

5. Bamboo. If you want to be “green”, even in your sleep, choose this soft material. It feels silky and it is a moisture-wicker. It’s also hypoallergenic and has anti-bacterial properties. That makes it a good choice for allergy suffers. This fabric made from the bamboo plant is sustainable and biodegradable. It’s a winner.

6. Wood and Fleece. They’ll keep you ware for sure – but they also may lead to overheating. They can be itchy. Air can’t circulate through fleece so it might make you hot and sweaty. Choose this only if you’re really cold and know the fabric won’t cause you to itch.

7. Au Naturel. Sleeping in the all-together is healthy. Going to bed naked keeps your body from overheating. Sleeping cool helps your body produce melatonin and growth hormone. Both are anti-aging and help your body repair itself. Growth hormone can also plays a role in a healthy metabolism. So, maybe you don’t need to go shopping at all!

Remember, what you sleep on is as important – or more important – than one you sleep in. If natural, breathable, hypoallergenic and anti-microcrobial is important to you. Think about investing in the full-body support and bounce of an all latex mattress. Or, look for a traditional innerspring that can be firm, plush, pillow top or Euro top. Talk to the sleep expert at your local sleep store in Phoenix and see what they recommend for you and the way you sleep.