5 Ways to Make Outsourcing Work for Your Company

Outsourcing Work

Outsourcing can be a way to make your business more productive, to get a specific task done right and to provide you savings. Here are 5 things that will help you make outsourcing work for you.

1. When To Outsource. Don’t think outsourcing is just for big jobs or because you need an expert. Think about the tedious tasks that take employees away from work that is more productive. For example, data entry and shredding of sensitive documents may tie up your employees to the point where it is less expensive to hire it done and get your more valuable office workers back to work. Of course, outsourcing is also right for those big jobs that require a specific skill.

2. Find The Person Or Company You Need. You may need an individual or you may want a company like a payroll firm or an IT firm. If you’re looking for a firm, talk to more than one. Be specific in detailing the work to be done and your expectations. Get quotes and find the best fit for the best price.

3. Get It In Writing. Now you want to have a written agreement or contract that defines the terms of the work, any important completion dates that will help you track the progress and the price you will pay.

4. Step Back. Now you have to find that happy medium. The one where you stay in touch with the progress, make sure they are meeting your standards and expectations and that the work is progressing on time. But, you also have to give the person or company the freedom to get the job done. If you have outsourced a service such as payroll or on-site document destruction, make sure that the company delivers or arrives on time and the work is properly completed.

5. Communicate. Don’t micromanage, but don’t let issues go unsolved. The company should be meeting your expectations. If they are not, clearly let them know what your concern is and ask how they can fix the problem.

Using your employees wisely is part of being successful. For example, if it takes an employee 2 hours to shred a box of paper because your shredder isn’t commercial and you have to pause so it won’t overheat and that office employee makes $12 an hour, it’s costing you $24 to shred one box of sensitive documents. You know you’ve got more than a single box that needs shredding! So, an on-site shredding company that gives you locked boxes to keep documents waiting to be shredded securely and comes on your schedule is probably going to save you money. The same is true of an employee struggling to figure out why a computer network is down or trying to do payroll when they aren’t familiar with the job. A professional can work faster and cost you less in the long run. Best of all, you can keep your employees busy with the work that needs to be done. Look at the tasks you need to accomplish individually and decide when you should hire and when you should outsource. Evaluate each need and don’t rule out either option. Instead pick the one that is best for that particular job!