3 Considerations for Window Buying

Considerations for Window Buying

The main reason for replacing old windows is to lower energy bills by having windows that do a much better job of stopping heat transfer, but don’t let that be your only consideration. Here are 3 other factors to consider.

1. Ventilation. The main purpose of windows is to keep air out – or let air in. Some windows are governed by law. For example, most jurisdictions require that bedroom windows can be opened in case a person needs to escape a fire. However, many windows become your choice. Have a wonderful view out of the great room? Don’t break it up with moving frames; go with one expanse of glass. Fixed windows work best for large windows or very small windows. They don’t work for ventilation. If you want a window that you can open to let in a fresh breeze or the wonderful scent of your blooming garden. Choose the type of window you want to let the air inside. Double hung windows open up and down; horizontal sliders have one side the slides open horizontally. Awning windows look great in an older home and hinged on the top or bottom to open on an angle. Think about what will give you the ventilation you want and will look good.

2. Style And Color. You’re going to have to think about this before you decide on your window frames. Aluminum is not energy efficient as it transfers heat and cold. You’ll probably be choosing between fiberglass, vinyl and wood. Fiberglass comes in a variety of colors and can be painted. Wood, of course, can also be painted the color of your choice (remember, it will also need care). Vinyl will probably only come in a choice of white or tan. Your decision will probably come down to blending into the home’s color with tan or setting off the windows with white frames. Now, think style. You have choices! Be sure to match the style of your home. You can consider lots of different styles and accents. You can use decorative windows that come with designs from modern to classic. You can use stained glass as an accent. Glass blocks give you a glow and privacy. Talk to your window replacement company and explore all the options.

3. Use. This one is important. It includes making sure you have ventilation where you need it. It includes style. But, it includes more. Do you need to fill a dark space with light? Do you need access to the backyard? Remember, you have options beyond just replacing the windows. A skylight may be just what a dark bathroom or closet needs. A sliding glass door can give you the in-and-out function you want. A privacy window can be a beautiful window with choices from glass that looks like falling rain to a bedroom window with built in blinds to give you privacy and keep the morning light out. The choices are all yours.

If you’re building you get to start from scratch. Gather ideas and have fun. If you’re replacing your windows, don’t feel like you just have to replace what is already there. Bring in a licensed glass replacement company and don’t just ask for a bid – ask for ideas. You’re going to love the new look that new windows can give your home.