3 Ways Massage Benefits You and Your Body

Ways Massage Benefits You and Your Body

A massage makes you feel wonderful. But, have you ever wondered why? Here are 3 ways massage does you – and your body – good and make you feel great!

1. It’s About Touch. We all have heard how damaging it is for an infant not to be held and cuddled – not to be touched! Touch is part of being human. We know we’re being cared for when we are touched in a safe and kind manner. Touch invites a relaxation response. The relaxation response can slow your breathing, lower your blood pressure and reduce the stress hormones. It is thought that a massage and the relaxation response may increase the available level of serotonin – the feel good hormone that has a positive effect on our thoughts and emotions. The relaxation response is an involuntary response to massage and, simply, it just makes you feel calm and good!

2. Your Circulation Improves. It is believed that massage improves the lymph and blood circulation in your body. This is likely to be caused by the touch to and physical manipulation of soft tissue and also may be caused by the relaxation response. When your circulation improves, your body delivers more oxygen and nutrients to muscle cells, improving the health of cells. Good cellular health leads to better removal of waste products and excess fluids in the cells. In short, your body is functioning more efficiently.

3. Your Muscle Tissue Relaxes. When you receive a massage, pressure is being applied to your muscles, tendons and ligaments. If you’re experiencing tension or pain from contractions or spasms, relaxing the muscles by pressure and massage will help. It can reduce that tension and pain soyour body can function better. It is also thought that massage may help reduce nerve compression. When your muscles are “tight” or contracted, they may compress the nerves around them – massage can relax the muscle and release the nerves to they function properly. The release of tension in your muscles may also help deep tissue find a better alignment and balance. Since organs share neurological pain pathways with muscles, bones and nerves, a massage can help you feel better all over!

If you enjoy regular massages, now you know why. If it’s been a while since your last massage or if you’ve never tried getting a massage, now is the time to make an appointment with a well-respected massage therapist in Phoenix. You’re going to be amazed at how good you feel!