3 Times to Call Your Garage Repair Company and 3 Things that May Be DIY

Times to Call Your Garage Repair Company

There is nothing more disturbing than a garage door that isn’t working properly. It means that whatever you have in your garage may not be protected or that you can’t get your car (or stuff) in and out. Here are 3 times to call for help and 3 things to do on your own.

3 DIY Garage Door Fixes

1. You Should Have Thought Of This. Your transmitter can’t work without power and that may include the one that’s on your wall. It’s a simple fix if your batteries are dead. So, if they go out in one spot, check the other spot, too. It’s likely that you installed them all at the same time so you can expect they might go out around the same time.

2. It Opens. It Closes – Even When You’re Not There. This one is going to make you crazy. You close the garage door and find it open. You ask the kids and they didn’t do it. Or, it can work the other way when you expect the door to be open and it’s closed. Worse, it happens when no one is home. First, check for those openers. Has the dog taken one out to the back corner of the yard and is he enjoying carrying it around in his mouth? Is one sitting under a pile of homework that gets moved picked up and put down engaging the opener? If that’s not it, check your frequency. Could the neighbor be opening and closing your garage door along with his own?

3. The Garage Starts Down And Then Goes Up. Garage doors have a reversing mechanism and if they think something is in their path, theygo right back up. This could something as small as a coat hander, a mud ball or gum. It can also be debris that’s built up in the track and is stopping the rollers. Check the area and the tracks and maybe you can solve the problem.

3 Times to Call for Help

1. The Track Isn’t Aligned. Your garage door is big and heavy; it needs a track that is aligned and doesn’t have gaps or bends or crimps. Inspect your track. If it’s out of alignment, make the call to your garage door service company. You don’t want to let the weight of the door continue to damage the track and create a dangerous situation. Call a pro.

2. The Door Won’t Go Up. The garage door is lifted by a set of springs under high pressure. You don’t want to mess with them. If you even suspect that the problem may be with a broken spring, don’t wait. Make that phone call right away.

3. Your Door Closes With A Bang. Again, garage door components can be very dangerous to work on without the proper tools and training. A garage door that is shutting too hard probably means either a broken tension spring that should be offsetting the weight of the door or, if this is the way your garage door was engineered, a broken cable connecting the tension spring to the door. Either way, it’s a situation that could cause damage to your things, your car or you. Get help.

The best way to keep your garage door functioning properly is to inspect it often and have a professional maintenance at least once a year by a garage door service and repair company. Your garage door is essential to the safety of your possessions, your car and your family. Never take a chance. Garage doors can maim and kill. Make sure you and your garage door repair team keep yours operating smoothly and safely.