5 Ways to Encourage Recycling at the Office

Encourage Recycling

Bring recycling to where it’s needed. Make it a group effort at your office or place of business. Here are 5 ways to get everyone involved and to make sure you maximize recycling efforts.

1. Take a Look. Check the waste cans in your office. You’re going to find lots of paper. You’ll find junk mail, aluminum cans and plastic bottles. You don’t have to dig deep but keep an eye on the trash to find out what recyclables are being dumped in the garbage.

2. Tailor Waste Bins to the Recyclables. You’re going to have better participation and recycling if you designate bins especially for each type of recyclable. You are probably going to want a bin for waste paper, a bin for aluminum and tin cans and one for plastics. You’ll need locked bins to recycle sensitive papers.

3. Make It Easy. You’ve identified the different recyclable bins you need. Now, put them in places that will maximize their use. You want bins for plastics and metals in the break room. You want paper recycling in the front office. You’ll need different bins in multiple places. Take a look at where things are used and make recycling as simple as possible for employees.

4. Have a Policy. This is important. Paper is recycled effectively so you want to get your paper to the recycling plants. You also want to conserve paper use. For example, you may want to use duplex copying and printing so both sides of a piece of paper are used. You may want to fill the fax machine with “waste” paper that has only been used on one side. However, the most important policy you want to set is how to handle sensitive paper that is no longer needed. With business identity theft on the rise, these papers need to be destroyed.

5. Go to a Specialist. You can shred papers in your office, but the facts are that it is probably less expensive to hire an on-site shredding service. They’ll also provide locked bins for secure storage of sensitive documents between scheduled shred services. If your business garbage service doesn’t offer recycling, you can contact local recyclers and see if they have a pick-up service. Remember, paper can be recycled again and again and it take 450 years to break down one plastic bottle. Do your part both at home and at work to recycle and protect our environment.

Encourage your employees to recycle with convenient recycling bins and a defined program that has been clearly communicated to your team. Make sure they understand how to handle sensitive company information – business identity theft is on the rise. If you choose an on-site paper shredding company to help you keep them safe, ask if they insure recycling of the shredded paper. Shredded paper is often just discarded when you shred yourself as getting it out the bag is just too time consuming. Find an on-site recycler that can assure you that your shredded paper waste will enjoy a new life as another paper product.