5 Questions Answered – Your New Windows Are About to be Installed

New Windows Are About to be Installed

What should you do? What should you expect? Here are the answers to 5 questions you may have about the installation of your new windows.

1. Inside or Out? Windows are installed from the outside, but there are exceptions to that rule. If you didn’t ask at the time you bought the windows, ask your installers before they get started so you know what to expect. You also want to ask where they will start and where they will finish so you know the order of the rooms where they will be working. Of course, even if windows are installed from the outside, there will be finishing work that needs to be done on the inside – right down to cleaning up and washing those windows.

2. Getting Ready. You want to remove the window coverings in advance of the installation. If you have heavy window coverings like shutters that will be difficult for you to remove, ask if the installers can take them down if they need to come down at the time of purchase. The odds are that they won’t need to be removed. However, you want to keep your curtains and blinds out of the way so remove them. Also take down any paintings, pictures or wall ornaments off the wall around the window. While the installation is done from the outside, don’t leave breakables in front of the windows and you may want to move some furniture out of the way. Give the installers a clear path to the windows.

3. What About My A/C? Windows are installed year round in most parts of the country. That means that you’ll have your air conditioner running during a summer installation and your heat during a winter installation. Don’t worry about what that will do to your utility bill. Installers work one window at a time and minimize the amount of time that the window opening is open.

4. How Long Will It Take? Installing each window is going to take about 30 minutes plus the final framing, caulking, and finishing touches. Many installers will get all the windows in and then do all the inside work at one time. Many homes can have their windows replaced in a day, but depending on the number of windows and whether there are any special circumstances, some installations will take two days or more.

5. What About The Old Windows? Unless you request something different, the old windows, window frames and all the other debris will be taken away. Many window companies will recycle. If that’s important to you, ask when you get your quote. Expect your home to be left clean with shining new windows!

Making sure that your windows are properly installed starts with the purchase. Make sure you deal with a licensed window replacement company. Check their references and their standing with the Better Business Bureau or your state’s registrar of contractors. Buy with confidence and the installation process will be worry free!