5 Natural Ways to Get Glowing Skin

Natural Ways to Get Glowing Skin

Mother Nature knows best. She says stay away from smoking, sunbathing and, especially, tanning salons. Then, she lends you a hand with these natural ways to have great glowing skin!

1. Dry, Itchy Skin? Try one of these baths straight from Mother Nature. Put one cup of oatmeal in an old stocking or muslin bag and tie it tight. Now. Throw it is a nice bath. Oatmeal is good for you inside and out. It will leave a film on your skin that seals the moisture in and relieves that dry itch. Or, try equal parts of apple cider vinegar, wheat germ and sesame oil in your bath. The vinegar is alkalinizing and antibacterial. The sesame oil and wheat germ add moisture.

2. Olive Oil in the Evening. No, not on your salad. Just take a few drops and smooth them over all those dry places from elbows and knees to your face and your arms. It will refresh and hydrate without feeling greasy thanks to its monounsaturated fat.

3. Ice It. Use plain old frozen water. When you are really itchy, wrap some ice in a towel and apply it with a few minutes on and a few minutes off. Don’t let your skin get cold enough to hurt, but the moist cold will relieve the itch and draw warm blood to your skin.

4. Make a Healing Blend. Take 4 ounces of witch hazel – it will help restore the skin’s natural protection layer. Now, add a teaspoon each of sage and peppermint leaves. Steep for at least one full day and up to three days. The sage will help control oil and the peppermint with add a cool tingle when you apply it to your skin.

5. Take Rosehips – you can get them at the drugstore. Rose hips in the morning will help build collagen and are packed with vitamin C to keeps skin smooth and youthful. Plus, it’s thought that rosehips may have anti-inflammatory properties that will help with the pain of osteoarthritis. That’s a bonus!

If your skin needs more help than just Mother Nature can provide, think about a visit to a medical spa. They have laser treatments and peels that can help do away with fine lines and wrinkles. Plus, these medical grade treatments will give you the youthful glow you thought you’d lost forever. Take care of your skin at home – but don’t put off a medical treatment if you can’t get the look you want. Professional skin care may be the right answer for a busy, glowing summer!