5 Good Reasons to See a Lawyer if You’re Considering Divorce

Considering Divorce

You’re sure you’re headed for divorce court – or, you’re not sure at all. If divorce is a serious consideration – whether you decide for or against going forward – talking to a good divorce lawyer will help clarify your situation and protect your rights. Here are 5 reasons to see a divorce lawyer before you file.

1. The Lawyer Knows The Law. Divorce laws can be quirky and differ greatly from state to state. You need to know where you stand in your jurisdiction. For example, you may think it’s better for everyone if you leave the marital home and end the constant discord. However, in some states this could be considered desertion and weight against you. You need to know your standing and options within the laws of your state.

2. The Lawyer Knows What Works. Every divorce is unique, and, yet, divorces have common elements. An experienced lawyer is going to have a good idea of how the courts in your area rule on various issues. The lawyer will know how to help you frame your requests, your wishes in a way that is most favorable to your cause. He or she can tell you what assets you can protect and which may be considered joint or community property. Guidance early on will avoid a dispute that you won’t win anyway.

3. The Lawyer Knows Experts. And, your lawyer will know if your need additional help. A lawyer can recommend a financial counselor or a counselor to help your children come through the divorce as easily as possible. That lawyer may even know a good marriage counselor if you think your marriage is worth saving.

4. The Lawyer Will Tell You What You Need. You will need to have knowledge – and copies of important documents. Your lawyer can advise you on what information you need to gather and what documents you need to have so you can gather things together, make the necessary copies and be well-prepared when you file. After all, if you’ve left the marital home, it’s not going to be that easy – or comfortable – to go back in to look for a document you need.

5. The Lawyer Will Help You Frame Your Case. You need a voice of reason as you decide what is worth fighting for and what isn’t. If you soon-to-be-ex loves the dog and you’re not that fond of the smelly mutt, the lawyer is going to advise you not to make the dog a bone of contention just to get even. A good lawyer is going to take your future into consideration and help you make it secure without getting sidetracked into unpleasant battles over unimportant things. The lawyer may even help you frame a “settlement” that will provide a great starting point for an as-amicable-as-possible divorce.

Seeing an experienced divorce lawyer in Gilbert, AZ before you divorce can help you build a solid foundation for your new life. Seeing that attorney before you get started also gives you the opportunity to see if you are a good fit for each other. Start with a free initial consultation – most lawyers offer one. It’s a good starting point to build you knowledge so your rights are protected and get your ready for the next chapter in your life.