3 Sleep Incompatibility Problems and Possible Solutions

Sleep Incompatibility Problems

You couldn’t wait until you moved in together. You looked forward to night after night of sharing your deepest thoughts – and a bed! But, YIKES!, it’s not that easy. Here are 3 differences in sleep styles and how to get around them so you both have a good night’s rest.

1. You Like Soft; Your Partner Chooses Firm. Today’s mattresses come in all different comfort levels. And, the two of you have different preferences – very different. One of you would be happy sleeping on a board (well, almost that firm) and the other wants to sink into a Eurotop. Now what? You can have separate beds and still sleep together. A king size bed is the size of two extra-long twin beds. So pick the bed you like in that size, put separate fitted sheets on each side Push them together and finish them off with king size bedding. You can meet on either side and then you can roll over and enjoy the mattress of your dreams – the one that sends you to dreamland.

2. Someone Can’t Go To Sleep Without The TV. You’ve heard it all – no screen time before bed, no noise and you had to pick someone who has slept with the TV on for just about forever. There are compromises and workable solutions. The TV watcher can don wireless earphones or the non-watcher can mask the sound of the TV (set at very low volume) with white noise or a fan. Earplugs will also work. Agree to set the timer on the TV. There’s nothing worse than the TV watcher being in a deep sleep and the changing light waking up the non-TV partner. So, if he or she falls asleep in the first 10 minutes or 30 minutes, have the TV turn off itself after you are (hopefully) both asleep.

3. You’re Cold And Your Partner Has The Blanket – all of it! This one is easy. Share a bed, but don’t share a blanket. When you’re making the bed, simply fold two blankets in the middle so you have one for each side. They can be different weights and materials and each of you can eventually (after the fun part of sharing a bed) roll up in your very own blankie.

You can do! You’ve found a restaurant that has the hottest salsa and a taco with absolutely no heat. The trick is don’t complain – work out a solution together. The next trick is to have a mattress (or two) that give you full-body support. Try latex – you might find out its combination of support and bounce pleases you both. Or, each of you pick out the XL twin that meets all your needs. Visit your local mattress store, your mattress sleep expert isn’t going to laugh. They’re going to understand because it’s quite possible they have the same problems with their sleep partner.