5 Ways to Improve Curb Appeal

Improve Curb Appeal

When you want to sell your home, you want to get the best price as fast as possible. So, ask yourself what does the first glance at your home tell you? Does it say, “I’ve been well-taken care of and maintained”? Or, does it say, “Wow, no one has paid much attention to me for years”. Which house would you stop to see? Here are 5 things that say “Pick me”.

1. An Attractive Front Yard. Get rid of the weeds. If you have grass, make sure it’s mowed and the plants are trimmed. If you got transferred to another city, work with your realtor, your yardman or a friend to find someone who will keep it looking great. If you really haven’t paid much attention to that yard, think about adding some bright containers filled with plants to freshen the look.

2. Pay Attention to Doors. The front door should say “welcome”. Help it out. Paint it or stain it if it needs freshening and, again, think plants. Potted plants send out a message that says you’re paying attention and taking care of things. And, if one of the biggest expanses in the front of your home is a big garage door, make sure it has a fresh coat of paint, too. If it’s old and out-of-date, think about replacing the door. National statistics say you may get all your money back or even a little bit more.

3. Think Details. Little things count. Does your mailbox pole have a bit of a crease from where your teenager backed into it? Is it rusted? What about house numbers? You want the buyer to find your house so that’s something they are going to be looking at right away. Again, small items add up. Paint the mailbox – or replace it. Make sure you have attractive house numbers on the mailbox or on the house itself. When lots of little things look like they have been neglected, the prospective buyer is going to start looking for bigger problems.

4. Windows Should Shine. If your windows are in good shape, makes sure that they are completely clean – including the screens and the frames. If your windows are old, think about replacing them. In many areas, the old frames are a dead giveaway that the windows are too old to be energy efficient and draft free. Replace them and you’ll get a 60% to 90% on your investment. Plus, they’ll send a very strong message. New energy-efficient windows say you care about both your home and your environment. It sets a tone that says “this is a well-maintained home owned by caring people”.

5. Declutter Entrances. Your perspective buyer is going to come in through the front door or the garage door. These are areas that are going to make a big impression. If your entry is a depository for shoes, coats, schoolbooks and more, clean them up. Ditto, the garage. You need your whole home to be clean and buyer-ready, but remember first impressions count.

Most of what needs to be done – a fresh coat of paint, a clean-up and some pretty plants are all pretty easy. However, don’t be afraid to call in the pros when you need them. If you hate to paint and know you won’t do a good job, call a painter. If your windows need replacing, call a licensed window replacement company in Phoenix. That way you’ll know that the windows are properly installed, air tight and ready to impress your buyer!