5 Things to Make Your Garage Summertime Ready

Garage Summertime Ready

It’s coming! Summer is on the way. Right now, before it gets really hot, is a great time to get your garage ready for the summer. Here are 5 things to do so you can relax with a summer-ready garage before the heat turns up the temperature.

5 Things to Make Your Garage Summertime Ready

Summer means heat. It means sunshine at the beach. It means a summer vacation. It means more activities for the family. Is your garage ready? Here are 5 things you should do.

1. Get rid of flammables. They don’t belong in the garage to start with – garage fires are fueled by the things that people keep in their garage. Firemen worry about exploding BBQ propane tanks, combustibles that add to the heat and the flames and more while they try to keep that fire from moving into your home. So, before it gets out, move ‘em out. Anything flammable is best kept in a shed away from your home. Be sure to get any oily rags out of the garage – spontaneous combustion does happen.

2. Get ready for summer fun. It’s time to get the winter gear back on the shelves and bring out the fun-time, summertime things. Odds are there will be trips to the pool, kids playing sports and riding bikes, yard work and more, plus it’s a great time to renew that golf game. Put all that summertime gear in a convenient, grab-and-go place and move the winter things out of the way. While you’re at it, make two piles of things you no longer need. One pile is to donate; the other is the making of a great garage sale.

3. Insulate. If your garage turns into an oven, take advantage of the last cooler weather and insulate that garage door. You can do it yourself or hire a pro. Keep in mind that your garage is probably attached to your home so a cooler garage means your air conditioner won’t have to deal with the hot air coming in from the garage.

4. Be safe. It’s summertime and that means you and your family members are likely to be in and out of the garage more often – getting those bikes, those balls and bats, the golf clubs and the yard tools. Make sure that the garage door auto-reverse is working possible. They’ve been required by law for more than two decades so if your garage is really old, it’s time to replace the opener with one that has this feature. This is a great time of year to have your yearly garage checkup and maintenance. You want summertime to be carefree.

5. Lock it up. With all the in-and-out traffic, don’t leave your garage door open and displaying those great new power tools you got for Christmas. Teach family members to close the door when they leave. Make sure that your garage door locks tight to keep everything in it – and in your house – safe when vacation time rolls around.

You can clean it and organize it, but when it comes to the safety inspection, call in a pro. Your licensed phoenix garage door repair company will make sure that your garage is completely safe. The cables and springs are under very high tension and should be left to a pro to evaluate and fix if necessary. Remember, your garage door is the heaviest moving object in your home – respect it and keep it well-maintained so it can keep you and your family – and all that stuff – safe!