Good for You. Good for Your Pet. 6 Reasons to Consider a Pet Door

Consider a Pet Door

It’s healthier for your pet and more convenient for you, but is a pet door a good, safe consideration. You want your pet to benefit, but you want your house to stay energy efficient. Here are 3 reasons that will make your dog happy and 3 reasons you’ll feel really good about your decision.

Why Pet Doors Are Good for Dogs

  1. Comfort for the Dog. If you’re at work all day and the dog is in, the dog has to wait – or have an unfortunate accident. If you leave your dog outside, you have to be very careful to protect the dog if you live in a very hot or very cold climate – and, it’s still possible that Fido will be too hot or too cold. Seriously, weather can be a pet killer so outside may not be an option.
  2. Less Mess. You win on two fronts. Your pet is less likely to have an accident if there is free access to the great outdoors and their favorite “potty spot”. That’s a big plus as anyone who has had to clean up knows. But, there’s more. If you’ve ever come home to a shredded cushion or a chewed up shoe, it could be because your pet is just plain bored. The outdoors is mentally stimulating for a dog. It has sights, sounds and all those glorious smells to enjoy.
  3. Exercise. There’s not much to do inside except sleep. Dogs have weight problems from lack of exercise just like humans. If the dog can get outside, there’s space to run and toys for play. Plus, all that shade when its naptime.

Why Pet Doors Are Good for You

  1. Convenience. You don’t have to get up just when the movie is at the best part. You don’t have to stumble out of bed. You don’t have to interrupt what you’re doing to avoid scratch marks on the door. A pet door allows your pets to come and go on their own terms.
  2. Safety. If you think a pet door has to be a flimsy thing that may even keep you from securing your sliding door, think again. Today, you can buy pet doors that allow the sliding door to work just like always – it can slide; it can lock! Secondary alarms will work and your locks won’t need to be modified. Your home is still safe and secure.
  3. Energy Efficiency. Again, today’s doors aren’t the single pane or plastic of the past. You can get double pane safety glass that lines up to your weather stripping to seal properly. Bad weather coming? The security cover not only locks with a dead bolt – it’s weather tight when closed.

So, where do you go shopping for a pet door. The best place is the same place that put in your new energy-efficient windows. Your phoenix window replacement company may be able to custom make a door that fits your slider and is sized for your pet.  Make them your starting point for a door that’s exactly right for your dog, your home and you!