7 Reasons Why Being Overweight is a Serious Health Concern

Being Overweight

If you are overweight or obese, you are putting yourself at risk for serious health problems. While wanting to look your best may be a reason to diet, being healthy is an even better one. Here are 7 health problems caused by being overweight.

  1. Coronary Heart Disease (CHD) And Stroke: When the body mass index rises so does the risk of coronary heart disease from plaque, the waxy substance that builds up inside of coronary arteries. The plaque can reduce blood flow to the heart causing angina, heart pain, or a heart attack. If it breaks loose, the plaque can cause a stroke. There is also a risk of heart failure when the heart can’t pump enough blood to meet the body’s demands.
  2. High Blood Pressure: This is the force of blood against the walls of the arteries. High blood pressure is more likely to be present in those that are overweight or obese.
  3. Type 2 Diabetes: When everything is working right, your body produces insulin to turn glucose (blood sugar) from the food you eat into energy to fuel your body. When you are overweight, you are at a greater risk of your body being unable to use insulin properly to keep your blood sugar at a healthy level.
  4. Blood Fats: We know them as triglycerides and LDL – the bad cholesterol. Being overweight, can increase these levels and lower the level of HDL, the good cholesterol. High blood cholesterol puts you at risk for CHD.
  5. Metabolic Syndrome: This is a group of risk factors that raise the risk of heart disease, diabetes and stroke. If you have any three of the following conditions, you are considered to have metabolic syndrome.These conditions are 1) a large waistline (apple shape), 2) above normal triglyceride levels, 3) a higher than normal blood pressure, 4) lower than normal HDL cholesterol and 5) higher than normal fasting blood sugar. If you are on medications for any of these conditions, that would count as a risk factor.
  6. Cancer: The risk of breast, colon, endometrial and gallbladder cancers are higher for those who are overweight.
  7. Osteoarthritis: Your knees, hips and lower back are more likely to develop osteoarthritis when you have extra with that puts more pressure on these joints.

If you feel you are overweight to the point where you are putting your health at risk, take action. Talk to your doctor or schedule a consultation at a phoenix medical weight loss center. Find the best answer for losing weight. It may be the medical grade medications available at a weight loss center, where you can count on continuing support to reach your goal weight. Don’t wait – take action and get healthy!