3 Facts about Waiting and How Not to Wait

Facts about Waiting and How Not to Wait

The cable guy – the repairman – the delivery man, which one kept you waiting the longest. What’s it worth to you – and to them? Here are 3 facts about waiting and 3 ways to not have to wait as long.

Facts About Waiting

  • Waiting is Costly! It’s estimated that waiting for in-home services cost American workers $37.7 billion in 2011 according to a survey. Of those waiting, 50% said they had to use a sick day or vacation day to accommodate being home. Customers will stop using companies who are chronically late costing the business about $330 for each customer.
  • It’s a Loss to Businesses and Workers. It’s significant. Waiting for that delivery man or repair man is equivalent to every single working American losing two full days of work each year. That’s a heavy hit for businesses who count on their employees.
  • Waiting and Waiting. It was reported that those who ended up twiddling their thumbs and waiting for someone to ring the doorbell did it an average of 3 times during the year and waiting an average of 4 ½ hours.

What Can You Do?

  •  Ask! Talk to your neighbors. Find out if they have a reliable – and on time – company that they can recommend for the service you need. Ask the vendor. If you’re calling for service or arranging a delivery, ask how long the window is. A shorter window means less waiting even when someone is late. If a company only offers “mornings” or “afternoons”, check with their competitors and see if you can find one that offers a two-hour (or shorter) window for their services. It is especially important to know the response time of people you might need in a hurry – your plumber, your garage door service company and the like.
  • Use Technology. If you or another family member can get home in a hurry, ask that the repairman or delivery man, call you on your cell phone before he comes – with enough time for you to get home and be waiting. If you’re expecting a package that you have to sign for to receive, use delivery websites to know which day they will come or arrange for store pickup.
  • Build a Relationship. If you become a loyal customer to your appliance repair company or any other service company, they are more likely to respond if you need help in a hurry and to keep you informed if they are running late. They want you to continue to be their customer and to recommend their company to others.

Don’t be afraid to shop response times just like you’d shop for prices. For example, if you garage door quits opening and you’re stuck, you need help in a hurry. So, ask your licensed phoenix garage repair company what emergency response time they aim to meet. You may be surprised that some expect their technicians to be onsite at your home in an hour. Your time is valuable and it’s fair for you to ask the people you do business with to treat it with respect.