5 Good Reasons Why Dental Implants Help Make a Better You

Good Reasons Why Dental Implants

If you have bad teeth, you know all the things the impact – the way you eat, the way you talk and the way your smile. Dental implants can make a huge difference in your life. Here are 5 reasons why.

1. They’re like getting new teeth. When you get dental implants, the implants fuse with your jaw bone. They’re set in bone – just like your real teeth. They look natural and they feel natural. Instead of having uncomfortable, removable dentures, you have a mouth without gaps or unsightly bad teeth; you have a mouth with teeth that look, feel and function just like a real tooth. Smile!

2. Improved self-esteem. It’s hard to look your best or feel your best when you’re trying to hide bad teeth. You may be confident about your skills, but if you don’t feel confident about your appearance, that new job interview may not go well – especially if you’re trying to smile and hide a missing tooth at the same time. When you look good, you feel good – it’s human nature. It’s also a reason that natural looking dental implants might be the right answer for you.

3. Easier eating. Tired of ordering soup or cutting your meat into very small pieces? When was the last time you ordered a sandwich? If you have trouble biting or chewing, dental implants will bring back full function. You can laugh, smile and enjoy that evening out!

4. Improved comfort. Dentures or removable teeth replacements like flippers just don’t do the full job. They’re not always comfortable, but even when they are, you may be worrying about getting something under them or wondering how to remove and clean them. Implants are there to stay and with good care, they make last a lifetime. 98% of dental implants are successful!

5. Improved oral health. If you have a permanent bridge put in your mouth, it means reducing the size of the supporting teeth and then asking them to support the bridge. The teeth – like dentures – don’t have space between them. Implants don’t require support from surrounding teeth and they are placed with space between them so you can brush and floss and practice good oral health.

If you think dental implants might improve your smile, talk to your dentist. He or she can tell you about the advantages and if they are a good answer for you. Your full-service dental office may be able to do the implant, affix the new tooth – all in an environment where you feel comfortable and supported.