6 Things Climate Change May Mean to Energy

6 Things Climate Change May Mean to Energy

The science seems clear – climate change is happening and the role played by increased emissions of greenhouse gases by human activities also seems clear. Here are 6 things about energy and energy costs that may impact the future.

1. More energy would be used for air conditioning with less energy used for heating. A temperature rise of 1.8 degrees Fahrenheit would increase the energy use for cooling by 5 to 20% according to the EPA. Heating energy would decline by 3 to 15%. How would consumer utility bill be impacted? It is difficult to predict because not only would more cooling be used but the infrastructure might require large investments to meet the demand.

2. Energy production might have to change. Coal, nuclear and natural gas plants might all be hurt by a decreased availability of needed water along with the fact that the water may be warmer. Water resources are likely to be reduced.

3. The colder the water the more efficient the power generation. Warmer air and warmer water could decrease this efficiency.

4. The energy producing plants along coastal areas may be further impacted negatively by rising sea levels. More storms and storm surges could also be a negative factor.

5. More blackouts and brownouts would be likely as the infrastructure struggles to keep up with rising temperatures and heat waves. This will probably cause prices for energy to support all those air conditioners to rise.

6. An increase in hurricanes, storms and wild fires – all of which can be driven by climate change – might mean more damage to the infrastructure which would already be under pressure. Again, this is going to create a need for a better infrastructure and that cost will be borne by everyone, including energy users.

It’s clear that we all need to do our part to be energy efficient. Being “green” does more than just reduce the use of energy – it helps us have cleaner air. If we reduce the emissions from our cars and reduce the need for electricity generation, we all win. One of the things a homeowner can do is to invest in an energy efficient air conditioner. If your summer is going to be hotter than usual, you’re going to want to stay cool and have the lowest possible energy bills. If your air conditioner is older than 10 years or if it has needed many repairs, talk to your licensed phoenix air conditioning replacement company. See how a properly sized, more energy efficient air conditioner could help you with reduced utility costs and help everyone by using less energy.