6 Reasons Real Women Want to Lose Weight

Lose Weight

Have you thought this is the year you’re going to lose weight? What’s your reasons for losing? Here are 6 reasons to lose weight given by women who have decided it’s time to shed some pounds.

1. Estrogen. While its only part of the process, fat cells – especially those in the belly – can raise estrogen production. One woman set out on her weight loss journey to help reduce her estrogen levels. Her focus was on looking at the causes of her polycystic ovary syndrome instead of just taking medicine to control it.

2. Career move. Want your career to shift into high gear? Another weight loss advocate said her weight loss journey was designed to help her get ahead faster. She felt that being fit was another way of telling her employer – and future employers – that she was a disciplined person and able to take control.

3. Health scare. Sometimes it takes a bigger event to make a person realize that they want to get healthy and be healthy. Another woman reported that a health scare gave her the impetus to start thinning down. It’s a known fact that being overweight can lead to major health problems from heart disease to Type II diabetes. Even small weight losses can start to improve your health by bringing blood pressure down and reducing sugar in the bloodstream.

4. Clothes v Spanx. Two women repeated a common theme. One simply wanted to look better in her clothes and bemoaned the fact that her mornings often involved changing clothes until you found something that she thought was flattering. The other woman said that figure-control undergarments simply weren’t that comfortable. She wanted to look good in a pair of tight jeans without having to wiggle into something tight and constraining.

5. Seats. Sometimes seats just aren’t all that big. A woman who had lost a family member to obesity, said that fitting into seats comfortably was one of her goals. She wanted to attend concerts and get on all the rides at a Disney park and be comfortable in the seats. It’s something to think about.

6. Emotional baggage. If the weight of the emotional baggage you carry goes up with the numbers on the scale, it’s a good reason to shed some pounds. One woman reported feeling regret, anger and sorrow when the scale went over a certain number. When it was under that number, she felt more vibrant and joyful.

There are many good reasons to lose weight from looking better to having more energy, from how you feel about yourself to improving your health. If you can’t get stubborn pounds off on your own, get help. You’ll find many different companies and groups dedicated to helping people lose weight. From buddy groups to online programs, chose one that is right for you. Also consider contacting a Scottsdale medical weight loss center. Medical weight loss clinics can give you medical-grade help to make your journey easier and give you the fast start to keep you motivated. No matter what your reason or your method – get healthy by shedding those extra pounds.