5 MORE Benefits of a Good Night’s Sleep

Benefits of a Good Nights Sleep

A good night’s rest helps keep us healthy, but it does more than that.  Here are 5 things sleeping well can do for you.

1. Be Creative. Sleep gives our minds a chance to get organized.  Researchers believe that the brain consolidates memories, makes them stronger and organizes and reorganizes them.  It may make our memories stronger but it also seems to strengthen the emotional components of our memories and that, according to researchers at Harvard and Boston College, may make us more creative.  Sleep might help you write the next American novel or come up with a completely new solution for your problem at work.

2. Calm Inflammation. From heart disease to arthritis, diabetes to premature aging, inflammation plays a role in each.  Research has shown that people who get only six or fewer hours of sleep have more inflammatory proteins in their blood than those who sleep longer.

3. Win the Race. If you are an athlete or like athletic endeavors, sleep may be your performance booster.  At Stanford University, a study of football players who tried to sleep at least 10 hours a night for a period of about two months showed that they improved their average sprint time and had more stamina and less daytime fatigue.  You could become the star of your coed, adult soccer team.

4. Live Longer. Wow, that’s a big one.  Whether its cause or effect since illness can have a negative impact on sleep, the results point to getting a good night’s rest for a longer life.  One thing for sure, a good night’s rest improves the quality of your life.  Sleep better and live better – and, maybe, longer.

5. Avoid Accidents. We know not to drive after drinking, but did you know that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported in 2009 that being tired accounted for more fatal single-car-run-off-the-road accidents than alcohol.  Sleepiness may not be talked about much but it has a negative effect on reaction time and decision making.

You don’t just want a good night’s sleep – you need a good night’s sleep.  If you’re trying to sleep and tossing and turning because there are dents and hills in your mattress – or if you’re waking up with aches and pains, it’s time to make a really good investment in a new mattress.  Consider talking to a sleep expert at your local mattress store and ask about a latex mattress that gives you support, stops motion transfer and has enough bounce to make everything you do in bed more fun.