6 Things to Know About Heat Waves

Heat Waves

Its summer and you expect it to get hot, but did you know that heat waves kill more Americans than other natural disasters including floods lightning and, even, tornadoes.  Here are 6 things to know and do.

1. Urban Islands. Buildings, asphalt, concrete and all the infrastructure of urban areas collect heat.  They radiate that heat back into the atmosphere pushing temperatures even higher.  Additionally, these urban islands are more likely to cause brownouts, blackouts and power outages.  If you live in an urban area, be aware of weather reports and be prepared to keep yourself and your family safe.

2. Young and Old. Young children and older adults are more likely to experience heat exhaustion or heat stroke.  Keep children dressed in loose, light clothing and limit their outdoor activity.  If you have an elderly relative or neighbor, check on them.  If they don’t have air conditioning and you do, invite them over.

3. Get Cool. A heat wave is a great time to take advantage of air conditioned activities.  Go catch that movie you’ve been meaning to see.  Visit a museum or an art gallery.  You can plan fun outings for your family that will also help keep them cool and out of the heat.

4. Be House Smart. Sun shining through windows will heat the interior of your home and make your air conditioner work harder.  Do some sensible things – close the drapes.  If you have blinds and one side is more reflective than the other, turn that reflective side out to repel the sun and the heat.

5. Fix a Cool Diet. High protein meals will increase your metabolic heat and warm your body.  Go cool with wonderful, nutrient-rich salads and other cooler meals.  Freeze your own popsicles with fresh fruit.  Make sure that you – and everyone in your family, especially the kids – stay well hydrated.

5. Protect Pets. If your pet has to be outside, make sure that there’s plenty of water and a shady spot.  Don’t let the pet use a doghouse.  It will be very, very hot inside.  Keep them where air circulates but there’s lots of shade.

If your air conditioner ready for a heat wave or just an uncomfortably warm summer day?  One of the top tips for preparing for a heat wave and summer is making sure that your air conditioner is in good working order.  An annual pre-season maintenance will head off bigger, more expensive problems and make sure that you have that healthy, cool home no matter how high the temperature rises.  Call your licensed air conditioning service company and schedule your appointment early.