5 Tips for Parents of Children Who Love to Ice Skate

Children Who Love to Ice Skate

How do you help your child advance to the next level if ice skating is becoming their passion? Here are 5 tips to help you give your child the opportunity to advance and even compete!

1. Private Lessons. Taking private lessons will help your child learn faster, get the benefits of one-on-one instruction and progress to competitions. With a private lesson, the coach’s attention is not divided. It is focused on the student and helping that one child advance.

2. Picking a Coach. If your child has been taking group lessons at a rink that has several different professionals teaching classes, watch! Is there a coach who your child really likes?  Is there one that you’ve watched and appreciated their coaching style? Talk to the parents of skaters who are already taking private lessons. Check the references of available coaches. You do not have to choose the coach that teaches the private lesson so take some time finding the right fit.

3. How Often Should Your Child Skate? We’ve all heard the stories of skaters and other athletes who may leave their families to live near a certain coach or facility. We’ve heard of the kids who skate hours every day. The answer is really up to you and your coach. Skating more than once a week under the tutelage of a coach will develop your child faster, but you have to do what is right for you, your child and your budget.  A hint – most skaters involved in competitions are attending sessions two or three times a week.

4. What Competitions Should We Enter? Your coach should be your guide.  First, the coach will develop a routine for your skater – usually to music. There are competitions at many different levels so your coach will guide you to the right level and event. Every competition is different. Medals may be awarded through 4th place or a participation ribbon may be given.

5. What Should My Child Wear? It is important that your coach be able to see the skater’s body positioning. A skater may wear stretch pants, but many girls prefer to wear tights and skating dresses.  You don’t see them on the pros, but don’t forget the gloves.  Fleece headbands are also popular.  After all, they’re on ice! A good pair of skates is important. The skater’s boot should provide good ankle support. Stiffer boots with even more support will be needed as the skater advances.

There is no doubt — taking your skater to the next level requires a commitment of time and money.   However, when your child has a passion for the ice, you want to do everything possible to help him or her.  Here’s a good tip – check online ice skating apparel retailers for a big selection and a lower price!