3 Ways Dual Pane Windows Work and 4 Things They Do for You

Dual Pane Windows Work

Considering new windows?  Think about double pane glass.  It’s going to go to work for you. Triple pane glass is best for very, very cold climates. Dual pane windows are going to give you a quicker payback and more.  Here are 3 ways they work and 4 things they’ll do for you.

How They Work

1. It’s an extra layer of glass.  Dual pane windows are double glazed.  That means there is an extra – or second – layer of glass.  Between the two panes is a very small air gap.

2. In a sealed window the air is dried.  It’s not a vacuum, the windows are sealed at a low pressure and the air is dried to prevent misting.

3. The air insulates.  The air doesn’t trap heat.  Instead it slows the heat transfer.  Conduction and convection are what is changed the most – not radiation.  The trapped air insulates and reduces conduction, and since the air gap is very narrow, the air can’t circulate easily.  Thus, convection is reduced.

What a Dual Pane Window Can Do for You

1. Your home is quieter.  Just as the windows reduce heat transfer; they reduce sound transmission.  This means the inside of your home will be quieter.  Many people who install new windows are surprised by how much outdoor noise comes inside!

2. Frames can be low maintenance.  If you choose vinyl, the most popular choice in new window frames, or fiberglass, you’re never going to have to scrape and repaint again.  These frames are very low maintenance and will never need painting.  Vinyl has limited color choices (usually just white or beige) while fiberglass had more color choices but is more expensive.

3. You’re safer!  It’s pretty simple.  Two layers of glass designed to trap air are simply stronger.  Some will come with a lifetime warranty against breakage.  You’ll also get new window locks that will help secure your home and keep you safe.

4. You get some money back.  You’re going to get money back two ways.  First, if you’ve replaced old leaky windows, you may see a change for the better in your heating and cooling bills.  Next, you’ve added value to your home so you’ll get money back when you sell.

When you select your new windows, talk to a licensed window repair phoenix company.  They can help you decide what style will work best for you (no, you don’t have to keep your new windows exactly the same as your old windows).  They’ll also help you select the windows that will give you the best return on your investment because it’s right for you home and your climate!